8 Memes About Tobias “Four” Eaton That True Divergent Fans Will Appreciate

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Blogspot (feliciathor)

Blogspot (feliciathor)

Because FOUR memes just aren’t enough for Divergent‘s resident hottie, Tobias Eaton. Here are eight (so basically, two Theo Jameses) pictures related to Tris’ love true Initiates will appreciate:

1. The struggle is real.

2. Allegiant — it pains us to this very day.

3. Why, why is he only a ~*FiCtiOnaL*~ character?!

4. Hehe, punny.

5. He even gives Ryan Gosling a run for his money.

6. *wink*

7. Yes, yes and yes.

8. Tada!

Tumblr (divergentmemes)

Tumblr (divergentmemes)

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