Ray Stevenson, Mekhi Phifer, and Newcomer Amy Newbold Join Cast of ‘Divergent’

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Getty Images/IMDb

Not only is filming for Divergent officially underway in Chicago, but three more actors have just been added to the film’s already stellar cast! Divergent‘s official Facebook page posted a photo breaking the news that Ray Stevenson, Mekhi Phifer and newcomer Amy Newbold were all added to the upcoming film adaptation of Veronica Roth‘s popular YA novel.

So, who will they all be playing? Ray will take on the part of Marcus, aka Four‘s father, while Mekhi will play Dauntless leader Max. Rounding out the latest cast members is newbie Amy, who will play Tris’ arch enemy, Molly Atwood.

In case you aren’t up to speed, Divergent it centers on a 16-year-old girl named Tris — who will be played by Shailene Woodley — who lives in futuristic, dystopian Chicago where society is split into different factions based on human traits. All 16-year-olds take place in a ceremony where they can choose to stay in their faction, or transition to a different one, which is largely frowned upon. Tris decides to abandon her family for a new faction, but struggles with the initiation process. While fighting to stay alive, she falls for one of her instructors, named Four, who will be played by Theo James.

The cast also includes Academy Award winner Kate Winslet, Maggie Q, Miles TellerJai CourtneyZoë Kravitz, and Ansel Elgort. Divergent is set to hit theaters on March 21, 2014. Are you excited to see it? Sound off in the comments section!

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