All the Divergent Theories You Need to Know Before You See Allegiant

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The conspiracy theories surrounding The Hunger Games were (somewhat) enough to hold us over until The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 hit theaters last year. And we think the same could be said for the fan hypotheses surrounding Divergent before its latest film adaptation.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant hits theaters on March 18, which means you can see yet another one of Veronica Roth‘s tales come to life on the big screen really soon. BUT, before you head out to see the third installment in the franchise, you need to see these fan theories about the first book in the series. NEED.

1. Divergent takes place before/at the same time as The Hunger Games. One Reddit user suggests that the dystopian world in which Tris & Four live takes place ~100 years before Katniss & Peeta enter the 74th Annual Hunger Games. Chicago, where Divergent is set, could have been an independent city-state until Panem turned it into a District. “It was stated (in the movie) that the ‘outside world was destroyed,'” said the theorist. “Well, what do you know? In The Hunger Games, this was also stated, too! So, either the totalitarian version of Panem gave Chicago its independence (like District 13), and kept it a secret from the general public OR the Republic of Panem officially recognized Chicago as an independent city-state.”

2. The real reason why Peter stabbed Edward in the eye. With Edward consistently claiming the #1 spot, Peter continuously felt threatened. So, he stabs Edward in the eye, thus, taking him out of the running for Dauntless. That’s the story as we know it, right?

However, one theorist hypothesizes that there’s more to it than that. In Insurgent, it was mentioned that there was once “an inciting incident in which Peter did not come out the victor.” But it’s not what you may think.

It goes a little something like this: “Edward likes Molly. Being in Dauntless and Myra losing has made her becoming boring to him. He isn’t interested in her anymore, but he likes Molly. So one day, he kisses Molly. And Peter walks in on them/finds out another way. Then he gets pissed off at Edward, because I think he liked Molly a bit in Book 1. She’s the closest thing to a friend Peter has. So Peter goes to fight Edward, and loses. So at this point, he’s obviously planning some form of revenge.”

The tale continues: “Then the rankings go up. Edward’s first, again. This just makes things ten times worse, because Peter already lost Molly to Edward, now he’s losing the ranking spot he probably deserved. So he rounds up Drew, steals a butter knife from the dinner hall and you all know what happens next. Edward gets stabbed. In the eye, too. Or maybe the eye’s symbolic in some way… He might have been spying on Peter, blackmailed him with what he found, then they got in a fight, Peter lost, then Edward got first in the ranks, and then Peter stabbed him in the eye.” Wow.

3. Jeanine is pregnant. There were a couple sentences in the story that led one reader to be convinced that the villainess was with child:

“She keeps smiling and stands smoothly. She wears a blue dress that hugs her body from shoulder to knee, revealing a layer of pudge around her middle.”

“She perches on the edge if the desk, her skirt pulling away from her knees,
which are crossed with stretch marks.”

The fact that Kate Winslet was pregnant while filming only adds more depth.

4. Jeanine is Divergent! Like the saying goes, “It takes one to know one.” The same reader behind the previous theory also believes that it’s a great possibility that Jeanine is so obsessed with Divergents because she is one herself. “In the movie, she seemed to resist the serum that was designed for Divergents remarkably well, even better than Four. It was only able to control her for a few moments before she regained control of her actions. And what she said to Tris about being willing to die for her beliefs was very Dauntless/Divergent. Not Erudite, at least.” Some food for thought.

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