The Divergent Movies are Dead, But the Ascendant TV Series Looks Promising

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It isn’t over, guys. One year after learning the news that the final film in the Divergent movie franchise, Ascendant, will NOT be happening, we’re hearing some positive feedback regarding the potential television show based on Veronica Roth‘s YA book series.

According to Deadline, the TV network Starz is adapting an Ascendant drama. (Starz is owned by Lionsgate, which also owns Summit, which distributed Divergent.) And it’s already got a team in place: the spin-off is reportedly being written/executive produced by Adam Cozad (Tarzan, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit) and directed/executive produced by Lee Toland Krieger (The Age Of Adaline). Both of them were previously attached to write and direct Ascendant when it was originally meant to be a theatrical film; the fourth installment in the franchise after Veronica’s Allegiant novel was to be split into two parts on the big screen.

NGL, two-part adaptations are mostly unnecessary — think about it: the first Breaking Dawn, Deathly Hallows & Mockingjay were all pretty awful — but at least they usually see the light of day. Part II of Allegiant was dead in the water after Part I bombed at the box office. (The budget was reportedly $100+ million, but domestic gross was only $66,184,051.) The fact that it’s getting the small-screen treatment could mean great things are to come.

This isn’t the first time a TV series blossomed after the film edition tankedShadowhunters came into fruition after The Mortal Instruments was a bust; the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television drama proved to be successful after the 1992 flick failed. Here’s hoping Ascendant finds the same kins of popularity after Divergent‘s failures.

The potential show is still in its infancy, but one thing fans may not like is that the original cast, including Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ansel Elgort & Miles Teller, doesn’t seem interested in joining the project.