Fangirl Goods! 10 Divergent-Inspired Products to Geek Out About

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It’s the week of Allegiant, guys! That means that Veronica Roth‘s book series will reach its long-awaited conclusion. But, just because the novels are ending doesn’t mean you still can’t geek out over all things Divergent

Reason #1, there are still the films to look forward to — March 21, here we come! Reason #2, there’s, like, a bajillion Divergent-inspired accessories you can get your hands on! We know we showed you all the best Etsy products for the book-turned-film over a year ago, but now there’s plenty of other treats to go around. Peruse the gallery to see some of our top picks, and make sure to join the conversation in the comments below, or on our Divergent message board!