20 Hilarious ‘Distance Between Memes’ That Are Disturbingly Relatable

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Distance Meme


If you’ve been on Twitter lately, there’s a pretty solid chance you’ve seen the “distance between meme,” and if you haven’t, you really have to get on that. The latest internet trend is pretty much all about how predictable we are as human beings and does an amazing job at calling us all out on all of our bullsh*t with the help of rule and push-pin emojis.

For example, have you ever walked right back to your ex soon after you guys broke up? Have you ever said you’d do one thing and two seconds later you caught yourself doing the exact opposite? Well, that’s kind of the gist of this whole meme, and as self-deprecating as it is, we seriously can’t stop cracking up. Need a good laugh? Check out 20 of our favorites right here!