Demi, Selena, Taylor And More Teen Stars as Disney Princesses

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Fairytales are all the rage these days; just ask Kristen Stewart and Lily Collins. And let’s be honest, what little girl doesn’t grow up with dreams of becoming a Princess? Fancy makeovers, a super-fine Prince, a magical kiss, a dance, a song…sounds like a good time to me!

With more and more animated films getting the real life treatment, it’s time to play Casting Director. Let’s help the folks at Disney and grant today’s Hollywood Royalty their childhood wishes of true Princess status…

Taylor Swift is Cinderella
Anyone who’s seen her video for “Love Story” knows Taylor can rock a ball gown and an updo like nobody’s business.

Ariana Grande is Ariel
Ariana is a true redhead original, which makes her the perfect fit for quirky Ariel.

Shay Mitchell is Jasmine
Exotic, strong-willed and too smart for her own good. Shay can play that with her eyes closed.

Demi Lovato is Snow White
Just like Snow, Demi fought her way back to the top. Princesses are stronger than we think…like a skyscraper. Just sayin’.

Keke Palmer is Tiana
Keke is more than just an actress. She’s a business woman, so who better to understand Tiana’s entrepreneurial spirit?

Selena Gomez is Belle
The most important thing to Belle is her family and the same can be said for Miss Selena. And if she can tame Bieber, I’m guessing the Beast will be no prob.

Do you agree with my picks for Disney princesses? What other celebs are princess material? Tell me in the comments!

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