6 Disney Stars Who Are Just as Obsessed with Dove Cameron as You Are

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If you’re as obsessed with Disney Channel as we are, it should come as no surprise to you that Dove Cameron has been making headlines lately. She is, quite possibly, the network’s hottest star of the moment who has TOTALLY has been taking Hollywood by storm. Obviously, the 21-year-old is a super talented actress, starring in projects like Descendants and Liv and Maddie, but we tend to wonder what she’s like in real life, since we mostly only ever see her in character. Well, luckily for us, the blonde has met (and worked with) tons of other Disney stars throughout her successful career and lots of them have dished the inside scoop. Spoiler alert: everyone loves her!!

We did lots of digging (because #journalism) to find out what Disney Channel celebrities have said about DC in the past, and we pretty quickly realized that no one has anything other than positivity to contribute to the conversation. In case you were wondering, we’re super relieved to hear this news — we just KNEW she was great, ya know? And in our heads, this is further proof we’re meant to be best friends.

Dove’s DC friends are thrilled to talk about her (only nice things, of course) whenever they get the chance — it’s kind of like their version of “pics or it didn’t happen,” you know? And by the looks of all of their Instagram and Twitter accounts, none of the public love is fake…THANK GOODNESS! We personally couldn’t handle fake friendships crushing our dreams. Scroll through the gallery below to see all the Disney Channel stars who had nothing but amazing things to say about the blonde-haired beauty, basically proving that they’re huge fans, too! You are not alone in the world, Dovelies!