12 Disney Stars Who Ditched Their Last Name When They Got to Hollywood

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Disney Channel

Have you ever been friends with someone for YEARS and then one day found out something major about their life for the first time? It’s such a strange feeling to learn something brand new about a person who you have known for so long and, honestly, that’s how we felt when we found out that some of our favorite Disney Channel actors have been lying to us. Yes, we may not know them personally, but it doesn’t hurt any less.

Okay, maybe we’re being a little bit dramatic… but we were honestly shook when we discovered that Dove Cameron‘s real name isn’t actually Dove Cameron and that there are TWO Shake It Up! stars who switched their names when they made it big in Hollywood. We rounded up 12 of the biggest former Disney stars who decided to change — or just flat out DROP — their last names and the reasons behind the switches and ditches are actually super interesting. So much so, that we’re now all trying to figure out what we would change OUR names to if (and when) we get famous.