Why You Need to Stop Being So Obsessed with Disney Princesses

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I wish I could say that I’m seeking a deep, intellectual truth with the rant I’m about to go on. I wish I was calling out something problematic or something that plays a disturbing role in our society. But no. I’m just here to be petty, because this has driven me up the wall for years. Here it goes: This collective Disney Princess obsession is bizarre, and I don’t see its appeal whatsoever.

This has been on my mind for a while, especially at the height of Disney Princess reimaginings that sites like BuzzFeed popularized a couple years ago. Disney Princesses, but hipsters! Disney Princesses, but plus-sized! Disney Princesses, but actual people living in this cruel, dark, unforgiving hellhole called life! Disney Princesses, but hot dogs! Yes… really:

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