Ranking the Disney Princesses From Least to Most Dateable

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Last week, I ranked the Disney Princes on their boyfriend abilities. For the most part, all the Disney dudes are kind of the worst. So I guess I ranked them from least to least worst boyfriend. I thought it was only fair to rank the Disney Princesses by dateability too!

I think some of the Princesses would make awesome girlfriends or even just regular friends. Now, this ranking comes from the current OFFICIAL lineup of Disney Princesses. Before you get on my case, Anna and Elsa of Frozen have not been inducted into the lineup. Also, Elsa is a Queen, and no one knows if she actually will have a coronation as an official Princess or not. And I haven’t seen Frozen yet. Since I cannot comment on them, this ranking only involves the current Princesses from least to most dateable:

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