15 Prom Hair Hacks, Tips and Tricks Inspired By Every Disney Princess

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We aren’t certain about many things in life, but if there’s one thing we know for sure it’s this — all Disney princesses have undeniably perfect hair, no matter what. The Little Mermaid’s Ariel lives under water? No problem! Hair is flawless. Frozen’s Anna wandered through forests for days? Not a hair out of place.

So, with prom coming up, we had a thought — who WOULDN’T want their hair to be as flaw-free as the Disney gals? No one! And thanks to the following hacks, you’ll be looking as gorg as a princess in no time.

1. Master Anna’s detailed updo in just a few simple steps:

Passion for Savings

Passion for Savings

2. Belle’s half-bun is actually easier than you’d think:

3. Cinderella’s look is a little tougher than the rest, but it’s totally possible. Practice makes perfect!

4. Frozen’s Elsa’s iconic side braid is actually pretty simple…

Passion for Savings

Passion for Savings

5. If you love Elsa’s look, but don’t want to do the braid, try this GORG side bun:

6. You can try something a bit different with a Jasmine-inspired side pony.

7. A high bun will give you Princess Tiana’s signature look:

8. Rapunzel’s hair is WAY easier to create than you prob thought:

9. Snow White-inspired hair will give you a retro vibe:

10. There’s something special about a mermaid’s hair, don’t you think?

11. Embrace your curls (or create them!) just like Merida!

12. Spice up Tinkerbell’s topknot with a braid:

13. If you want something simple and sleek, try copying Pocahontas’ straight ‘do.

14. Fresh flowers will be your best friend for this Aurora-inspired twist:

15. Add those same flowers to a high sock bun and you’ll get Mulan’s ‘do.

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