7 Disney Movies You Had No Idea Originally Had Much Different Endings

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If you grew up with Disney movies (as most people in the developed world have), chances are good that you remember a lot of them pretty vividly. Disney is such an integral part of many people’s childhoods — you watch the movies, play with the dolls and, if you’re lucky, get taken to Disney World for vacation — that they have a way of sticking with you, even after you’ve technically outgrown them.

And, of course, part of what makes these movies so memorable are their endings. Like, you remember that (spoiler warning for some 20-year-old movies coming up, I guess?) Ariel and Prince Eric get married at the end of The Little Mermaid, Prince Charming finds Cinderella and gives her the glass slipper at the end of Cinderella and that Anna saves Elsa at the end of Frozen. These endings are so important because they tie each film together, so, in many ways, the ending is more memorable than the actual plot.

But not everything is perfect the first time around, and your favorite Disney movies are no exception. Many Disney movies originally had endings that differ vastly from the versions you’re familiar with. Curious as to what they are? Check ’em out here:

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