7 of Your Favorite Disney Movies Turned Into Broadway Musicals

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Broadway. The Great White Way. The Theatre District. No matter what you call it, appearing on Broadway is one of the biggest achievements an actor can make in their career. Whether performing in a play or musical, taking the stage in front of a live audience at least eight times a week for three hours is extremely hard work, and although Broadway actors may not be as well-known as traditional Hollywood actors, some of the biggest YA stars have shown off their talents on stage.

It’s super fun to dress up all fancy to go see a show, and it’s even better when you’re seeing one of your favorite ex-Disney actors or you’re finally seeing the movie-turned-musical that you’ve been dreaming about for years.

We are huge Broadway fans and we may or may not have shed a tear when we finally saw Hamilton IRL. As much as we love live theater, we know that it’s not something that everyone loves. But there is one thing that everyone does love… and it’s a classic Disney production. So we thought we would combine the two and prove that there really is a Broadway show that will be sure to wow everyone, even your older brother who swears he hates musicals.

Everyone knows the iconic Disney movies that made their way to Broadway like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, but did you know that Tarzan once called Broadway home? And that Frozen is in the works?? We rounded up all the Disney movies, both animated and live-action, that have been turned into stage productions! Although some of these are no longer on the Great White Way, you’re definitely going to want to book tickets to see some of these shows that are still touring or on Broadway ASAP. You won’t regret, we promise.