YouTube’s Biggest Star’s Hate Toward Jewish People Will Cost Him Millions

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PewDiePie‘s offensive actions are FINALLY catching up with him.

The Internet star, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, made a name for himself by posting controversial videos on YouTube, but took things way too far with a series of vids featuring anti-Semitic jokes, including one that show two men holding a sign that read, “Death to All Jews.” While the 27-year-old (who has the most-subscribed channel on YouTube, BTW) said his intention was to critique society, NOT be offensive, Maker Studios (the Disney-owned network in which PewDiePie was signed) doesn’t seem to agree.

“Although Felix has created a following by being provocative and irreverent, he clearly went too far in this case and the resulting videos are inappropriate. Maker Studios has made the decision to end our affiliation with him going forward,” a Maker Studios spokeswoman said in a statement.

But that’s not all! Hours after Disney’s decision to drop the Swedish man, YouTube also announced the cancellation of the second season of the YT Red series Scare PewDiePie, AND the removal of his channel from Google Preferred, a service that “aggregates YouTube’s top content…into easy-to-buy packages for brand advertisers.” In layman’s terms, this means Felix will MOST LIKELY lose millions of dollars in revenue from potential advertisers.

While Pewds has not directly commented on these decisions, he wrote a long note on Tumblr a day before sh*t hit the fan, explaining his actions.

“I think it’s important to say something and I want to make one thing clear: I am in no way supporting any kind of hateful attitudes. I make videos for my audience. I think of the content that I create as entertainment, and not a place for any serious political commentary. I know my audience understand that and that is why they come to my channel. Though this was not my intention, I understand that these jokes were ultimately offensive. As laughable as it is to believe that I might actually endorse these people, to anyone unsure on my standpoint regarding hate-based groups: No, I don’t support these people in any way,” the YouTuber said.

It’s no wonder why PewDiePie is considered to be one of the popular YouTube gamers who’s actually the worst: