22 Times Disney Characters Actually Made No Sense At All

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Disney movies are the best — even when they make no sense. As audience members, we will overlook huge jumps in logic just because we’re just having so much fun. EXAMPLES: “Oh, look! The plates and knives are dancing! How cute!” or “Is it weird that I think adult Simba is actually kind of hot even though he’s a cartoon lion?” or “I guess it’s not strange that Gaston seems kind of rapey. Let’s just ignore the giant plot holes!” Big musical numbers can distract even the biggest cynics.

Sometimes, though, it can be funny to look back and dissect the stories we’ve heard a million times to realize that, actually, they defy logic. Does it really seem realistic that Cinderella’s shoe would only fit her? If she’s a size seven, there have gotta be at least a handful of ladies in that town with the same size foot. Wouldn’t it make more sense to go and look for her since you were staring at her all night? *shrugs* But, hey, I’m not a Disney script-writer, so what do I know about making magical fairy tales that are beloved for years?

Here are 22 of the funniest examples of Disney characters doing things that don’t make sense in the real world:

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