14 Little Mermaid Makeup Tutorials to Make Your Disney Dreams Come True

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“Look at that stuff, isn’t it neat?” If by ‘stuff’ you mean Ariel’s makeup, then the answer is YES! Don’t lie — you used to spend hours at a time pretending you were The Little Mermaid’s leading lady. And while looking like the redhead is basically every young girl’s childhood dream, the OTHER TLM characters have iconic looks, too!

So, what are you waiting for! Here’s how you can look exactly like Ariel, Ursula and…wait for it…little Flounder, as well!

1. It’s all about the bold colors!

2. See?

3. Need a video aid? Here ya go:

4. Lashes for daaaays!

Pin Makeup Tips

Pin Makeup Tips

5. Don’t be afraid to go ALLLLL out!

6. Like, REALLY all out:

7. Or, if you’re more comfortable with something a little more natural, go for it!

8. Let’s not forget about Ursula! You can go SUPER cray with her makeup…

9. But you can also make it wearable!

10. Dramatic? Yes. But SO pretty!

11. This look is perfect for a night out:

12. And let’s be sure we remember our fave sidekick — Flounder!

13. Ah-freakin’-mazing

14. To give any look a little mermaid inspiration (pun intended), try this simple mesh trick:

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