All the Insane Casting Secrets That Would’ve Changed Kim Possible Forever

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If you haven’t been watching reruns of Kim Possible different after reading about the insane theories behind the show, you definitely will after hearing these casting secrets. The Disney Channel animated show is one of the most beloved the network ever had, and although it’s been almost a decade since it stopped airing, people still absolutely love it. Between the hilarious storylines and lovable characters, KP is one of those series we wish never, EVER ended.

But what would’ve happened if the audition process went differently, and actors besides the ones we fell in love with got the voice roles? It almost happened! Here are all the crazy casting secrets that would’ve changed Kim Possible forever:

1. Anneliese van der Pol was offered the role of Kim Possible first — Before the redheaded beauty was known as Raven’s quirky BFF Chelsea on That’s So Raven, she was asked to voice KP. After debating for a little while, the actress decided to take the TSR part instead of the animated show.



2. Neil Patrick Harris auditioned to voice Ron Stoppable — NPH is best known for his role on How I Met Your Mother, but he was almost MORE recognized for his voice. The actor did a voice audition for Ron Stoppable, but ended up losing out to Boy Meets World’s Will Friedle.



3. John Cena also tried out — And speaking of Ron Stoppable, wrestler John Cena was another star who did a voice audition for the role. We know it’s hard to picture the now 39 year old’s deep voice coming out of the hilariously goofy character, but hey — you never know what Disney originally had in mind!

4. It was because of that failed audition that John decided to become a wrestler — Even though we’re sure John was bummed that he didn’t get cast as Ron, things definitely worked out in the end. Although he was wrestling professionally since 1999, it was this failed audition that inspired him to really take his athletic career seriously and ultimately become one of the best wrestlers of all time.


The Kim Possible main character was always named Kim Possible, but these other big-deal Disney characters started off being called something different: