This New Pair of Minnie Mouse Ears was Inspired by Your Fave Disney Ride

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If you frequently visit the Disney Parks, you’re well aware of how essential Mickey and Mickey Mouse ears are to any wardrobe. And, while we’ve seen tons of variations of ears over the years, including a gorgeous millennial pink pair that we may or may not have ordered online, we have to admit that Disney has truly outdone themselves with this brand new set of ears inspired by our fave Disney Ride, The Haunted Mansion.

As you can see, the new set of Haunted Mansion ears are just as spooky as the ride, and honestly, since Halloween is just a few months away, there’s no better time to roll out this new design than now. And, speaking of Halloween, get yourself a matching dress and you’re in business! Wouldn’t you agree?

Okay, so even if this isn’t exactly what you envisioned for your Halloween costume this year, they’re the perfect fall accessory if you find yourself at the parks. Lucky for you, these babies are available at the parks now and will run you $25. Sure, they’re not exactly cheap for something you’ll probably only wear a few times, but think of all the incredible Instagram photos! Totally worth it, if you ask us!