8 Girl Meets World Casting Secrets That’ll Legit Blow Your Mind

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Girl Meets World is currently in between seasons, but fans still need their fix. For some, that means obsessively watching reruns on Netflix and gushing over last season’s excitement. For others, it means delving deep into the caverns of the Internet to learn anything and everything about the now-beloved Disney Channel series!

We know that Girl Meets World is a show with a lot of history, which is why there was so much pressure to make it perfect. Yes, the spin-off always knew it would bring back as many Boy Meets World actors to reprise their original roles as possible, but what about the newbies?! SO much was riding on finding the right young stars to add to the Matthews world. Thankfully, Disney execs hit the nail right on the head when it came to casting Rowan Blanchard as Riley and Sabrina Carpenter as Maya, but their decision took a lot of time, effort, auditions, and failures. Here are nine GMW casting secrets that’ll shock the crap out of you!