8 of the Worst Lessons You Can Learn From Disney’s Cinderella

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At some point or another, most little girls probably dreamed about growing up to be princesses. And the phenomenon that is Cinderella is likely a huge reason why. It’s basically impossible to find someone who hasn’t seen the classic film at least once, which means that everyone grew up with hopes that their own Prince Charming would come and sweep them off their feet. Magical love story, right? Wrong!

When you really think about it, Cinderella instilled some pretty bad life lessons and goals into little girls’ minds. From the importance of outer beauty to the need to have a boy rescue you, here are some of those terrible morals Disney ended up teaching young children:

1. Women are meant to cook and clean. Cinderella had to scrub her house from top to bottom, because that’s obviously a young woman’s job.

2. And they’re never allowed to stand up for themselves. There were so many opportunities for Cinderella to stand up for herself throughout the movie, but she never did! Ever. She was 19 years old — why couldn’t she just say NO?!

3. Girls who are in bad situations should wait for boys to rescue them. Basically, Cinderella married Prince Charming so she could live a better life in a fancy castle. K.

4. If you fall in love after one look, everything will work out magically. Prince Charming knew Cinderella all of five minutes before deciding that he was in love with her and they needed to be married. Because that’s totally a good idea.

5. A fairy godmother will come and give you nice things. While the idea of a fairy godmother is great and all, life isn’t easy. And things are RARELY handed to you. Plus, shouldn’t Cinderella have asked her fairy godmother to, IDK, tell her stepmother to be a little nicer!?

6. Wearing a pretty dress and nice shoes will make a boy like you. Uh, talk about instilling bad self image for young girls…

7. Step-children shouldn’t be treated like real members of the family. Cinderella was treated horrifically by her stepmother and stepsisters simply because she wasn’t a blood relative. Clearly this is the wrong message to send to kids who may have been going through the same thing at the time.

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8. Having mice in your house is totally sanitary. Serious question — how many kids do you think begged their parents to get mice as pets after seeing Cinderella? Probably tons. Yes, Jaq and Gus are the two cutest mice we’ve ever seen, but realistically they’re not the greatest home companions.

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