What 17 Disney Characters Would Look Like If They Were Real People

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Jirka Väätäinen

Jirka Väätäinen

Thanks to Jirka Väätäinen, an illustrator and graphic designer based in Australia, you no longer have to visit Disneyland to see what Disney Princesses would look like in real life. This artist drew several interpretations of leading heroines like Mulan, Belle, Pocahontas, and Cinderella, and all of them are absolutely gorgeous.

Väätäinen started this project in 2011, when he began to envision what Ursula from The Little Mermaid would look like in real life. Here’s what the artist had to say in his interview with the Huffington Post: “I think a lot of people, like myself, have grown up with Disney and been fascinated and looked up to these characters,” said Väätäinen. “The great thing about having more of a realistic face, will allow people to feel even more deeply about these characters, see them as someone relatable or swoon-worthy.”

And I couldn’t agree more! Check out these stunning interpretations of Disney Princesses as real people. (My personal favorite is Jasmine from Aladdin. That hair though!)

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