10 Weird Ideas Disney Channel Gave You About Love

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Leave it to Disney Channel to give us all strange ideas about what being in love would be like. We know that you shouldn’t believe everything that you see on TV as fact. But that doesn’t mean that these weirdo lessons that we learned from old Disney Channel shows aren’t buried in the backs of our minds. (SPOILER ALERT: They totally are, no matter how wrong we know they are.)

1. You’ll marry the person you met as an infant. So there’s no hope for the rest of us.

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2. You’ll fall in love with every person you kiss. Just like a Disney princess!

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3. You’ll be able to wander around town with your boyfriend despite being really young. That’s not a thing that most sane parents let happen.

4. It’s totally healthy to be secretly in love with your best friend for years. It won’t cause crippling jealousy or resentment. Not at all!

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5. Every guy you hate is just a future boyfriend in disguise. It’s like being in the first grade forever.

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6. Your male best friend is also just your future boyfriend in reserve. Forget about all of that stuff that you said about seeing him as just a friend. You’re in love now!

7. Once you get your braces off, your dream person will want you. If only it were that easy.

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8. There’s no obstacle large enough to ruin your relationship. No actually, there are tons of obstacles. They usually lead to these little things called soul-crushing breakups. Speaking of which…

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9. Breakup sadness is, like, a day long. One movie and a travel packet of Kleenex should do the trick. Except NOPE.

10. That the rain in your soul will go drip drop drip drop. We’ll never forget the iconic Even Stevens episode to which we owe this lesson.

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