7 Cast Reunions That Happened at a Disney Channel Star’s Wedding

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Let’s be real — nothing is sadder than when you find out your favorite television show is ending. Whether it’s cancelled suddenly without a proper finale (we are still hoping for closure on Faking It), or had years to prepare for the final season, it’s never easy to say goodbye to characters we came to know and love for years on end.

If there’s one thing that helps the heartache, however, is knowing that a TV cast will remain close once the series concludes for good. It’s usually pretty easy to tell when actors get along IRL as well as their characters do on the screen, or if their less-than perfect relationship will prob hinder a reunion from ever occurring.

When casts do get along, it just makes everything feel right. And when they show up at each other’s weddings, it makes us get a little teary-eyed, NGL. We love seeing how close co-stars stay after their TV show goes off the air, and Disney Channel actors, in particular, seem to stick to each other like glue!

We know that there’s the “Disney celeb gone bad” stereotype and sometimes too much ~drama~ to fully comprehend, but that doesn’t negate facts — if you were lucky enough to work for Micky Mouse, you’re in an exclusive club for the rest of your life.

We rounded up all the times our fave Disney Channel casts reunited at a co-star’s wedding and — not gonna lie — we’re feeling alllllll the feels right now.