7 Disney Channel Stars Who Unexpectedly Quit Their Shows

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It’s always a curveball when TV stars leave their own shows. We’re still not over the shock of when Nina Dobrev announced, totally out of nowhere, that she was done with The Vampire Diaries. Sorry, what? You’re the star of the show! But actually, quitting a project isn’t that uncommon. Sometimes and actor gets an unexpected career opportunity, like landing major movie role that no one could ever pass up. And, of course, sometimes the reasons aren’t so positive, like when drugs are involved and the person is basically forced to resign.

When actors leave their shows, it’s always with the hope that better options are around the corner. But that’s by no means a guarantee. Every so often, stars who quit their famous shows are pretty much never heard from again. Some ex-Disney Channel stars are bigger than ever, but others totally faded away after quitting their sitcoms. Take a look: