6 Disney Channel Stars Who Lived with Their Significant Other Before Splitting

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When Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin broke up a couple weeks ago, fans had tons of questions — What caused the split? Would they remain friends? Who would have to move out of the house they were only sharing for a few months? Well, the 18-year-old actress revealed that the British cutie would get to keep the house, meaning that she had to pack her bags and find somewhere else to live. Ugh — we can’t even imagine.

But the Shake it Up star’s awkward move-out experience definitely wasn’t the first of its kind. In fact, many other former Disney Channel actors made the decision to shack up with their boyfriend or girlfriend, but ultimately paid the price when things crumbled and they broke up. Click through the gallery below to see all the DC men and women who lived with their S.O. before they went their separate ways: