8 Songs by Disney Stars That Were Too Naughty for Radio Disney

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It’s a rite of passage, or maybe just a cliché: After years of providing family-friendly entertainment, there comes a point when each Disney Channel star ditches the Mickey ears and suddenly goes super-sexy. While it’s easy to criticize, the truth is that the transition from child star to adult icon can be tricky, and amping up the sex appeal has proved successful for many former Disney kids. After Miley Cyrus wrapped Hannah Montana, tabloids across the globe documented her controversial photo leaks — which, in retrospect, seem less like “accidents” and more like a cleverly executed rebranding campaign. (P.S. Vanessa Hudgens, we don’t totally buy that your ~sCaNdaLouS~ leaks over the years were mistakes either.)

It’s kind of bittersweet when ex-Disney stars mature into true adult artists. But as much as we enjoyed adorable pop songs like Demi Lovato‘s old hit “La La Land,” we’re way more into the raw, honest tracks on her latest album. Here’s the issue: Younger fans also love Demi, but they’re not quite old enough for her more explicit tunes. Radio Disney, which caters mostly to preteens, does its best to keep its listeners (and their parents!) happy by cleaning up any questionable lyrics. Here’s a roundup of hit songs by former Disney Channel stars that needed a bit of editing before they hit the Radio Disney airwaves:

1. Nick Jonas, “Jealous” — This detailed account Nick’s burning jealousy gives us a lot of feelings we don’t want to discuss with our parents. Radio Disney attempted to curb some of our desires by changing the line “You’re too sexy beautiful” to a much tamer “You’re too crazy beautiful.” #TBT to when Nick Jonas wore a purity ring. Bye.

2.  Demi Lovato, “Cool for the Summer” — This flirty song about a casual bisexual summer hookup isn’t #1 on our list of “Songs That Are Great During Long Car Trips With Dad.” Probably parents shouldn’t even know about this song at all, hence the lyric, “Don’t tell your mother….” Radio Disney actually left that line in, but it did, of course, cut the f-bomb toward the end of the song. And at Walt Disney World hotel resorts, the song is usually played without the line “Got a taste for the cherry, I just need to take a bite.”

3. Jesse McCartney, “Right Where You Want Me” — Jesse’s guest appearance on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is still one of our favorite Disney Channel episodes of all time. But back then, he was singing “Beautiful Soul,” which has, um, a slightly different vibe than his later songs.  This one needed some major editing before it was approved for Radio Disney. Among the changes was the line “I’m gonna let you have your way with me,” which became “There’s something ’bout you I just can’t explain.”

4. Ashley Tisdale, “He Said She Said” — A few choice verbs can make such a difference. The pre-chorus of this song originally went, “Maybe I can see us moving like that / Maybe I can see us touching like that / Baby I can see us kissing like that.” Radio Disney was like, NOPE. The result: “Maybe I can see us moving like that / Maybe I can see us dancing like that / Baby I can see us chilling like that.” All right, Radio Disney. Seems trivial, but okay.

5.  Demi Lovato feat. Cher Lloyd, “Really Don’t Care” — Demi’s lyrics are mostly PG-rated, but Cher Lloyd’s featured part needed some scrubbing. In a sassy rap aimed at Demi’s exes, Cher’s lyrics read, “Second guessin’ but you should’ve hit that.” Radio Disney scrapped the line entirely without bothering to replace it with new lyrics.

6.  Nick Jonas, “Chains” — Hi, Nick, welcome back to the list. This song was in trouble from the get-go with the opening line, “With her wine-stained lips, yeah she’s nothing but trouble.” We know you’re 23, Nick, but the kids aren’t. This was a pretty easy fix, becoming, “She’s a heartbreaker, yeah she’s nothing but trouble.” We’re pretty sure the line about being “wasted again” didn’t make it to Radio Disney airwaves either. That part of the song was strategically cut out when Nick performed at the 2015 Radio Disney Awards.

7. Selena Gomez, “Hit the Lights” — Surprisingly, most of Sel’s songs make it onto Radio Disney without a problem, even super-seductive ones like “Good For You.” But her track record isn’t perfect: She committed a fatal Disney flaw by including a curse word in this 2011 song. It was easily edited out in the lyric “It’s the city of love that waits for you / but you’re too damn scared to try.” However, the edited version of the song was never officially released, so fans created their own clean editions for YouTube.

8. Joe Jonas, DNCE’s “Cake By The Ocean” — Joe. Seriously. This song is such a jam. It’s like Maroon 5 meets, well, Joe Jonas. Everyone deserves to enjoy it, but with the original lyrics “Let’s lose our minds and go f***ing crazy,” it was out of the question for Radio Disney’s little listeners. Some simple editing magic made the song A-OK for the whole family. Just be sure that you blast this version (“Let’s lose our minds and go crazy crazy”) on your fam’s next road trip.

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