9 Former Disney Channel Stars Who Gave the Dirty Details on Losing Their Virginity

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Once upon a time, Nick and Joe Jonas were two purity ring-wearing Disney Channel stars who couldn’t even think the word sex without Mickey Mouse himself coming down and smiting them for their ~sins~. Now, almost five years after the boys (along with their brother Kevin Jonas) cut all ties with Disney, it’s hard to even remember a time when they weren’t taking their clothes off, simulating intercourse in front of cameras, etc. But they’re not the only celebrities who are open about their sex lives.

In some cases, like with Selena Gomez, the now-adult star admitted to no longer being a virgin, but didn’t give too many details about their first time. In others (*cough*Shia LaBeouf*cough*), however, we feel like we know too MUCH info about their private time. Click through the gallery below to see which DC actors spoke out about losing their virginity: