8 Disney Channel Alums Who Have Their Own Beauty Collections

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disney channel star beauty collections

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Just because some of our favorite stars are no longer on Disney Channel doesn’t mean their careers ended there. After rising to fame with Mickey Mouse, many of them have gone on to do some pretty incredible things, including large-scale movies and successful music careers. And since these celebs have managed to continue to grow their fan bases, many of them have even released clothing lines, perfumes and even their own makeup collections!

That’s right, you guys! There have been many DC alums that have collaborated with beauty brands to start their own collections and, TBH, some of the products are absolutely fantastic! So, if you just so happen to be in the market for a bold new lipstick or some long and beautiful hair extensions, take a gander at these eight former Disney Channel stars who’ve started beauty collections with people like you in mind. You can thank us later!