Demi Lovato, Cole Sprouse, & More Had a Disney Channel Reunion for the Ages

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Pretty sure we just traveled back in time to 2008. Why? Well, the Disney Channel reunion of our dreams came true last night at Hayley Kiyoko‘s album release party and we are NOT okay.

If you’ve been dreaming about the day your favorite former DC stars would reunite with each other, well, you’re in luck. On April 4th — a day we should ALL remember so that we can commemorate it every year — former Disney Channel stars Demi Lovato, Cole Sprouse, Debby Ryan, Alyson Stoner and more had an EPIC reunion. The gang all came together to celebrate the launch of Hayley’s debut album, Expectations.

The Sonny With a Chance star was the first to share a group photo from the event with the words, “Disney Channel Reunion!” plastered over the pic on her Instagram story. Shortly after, the other stars began to post the same pic and that’s when the Internet basically exploded.

Fans started tweeting all their reactions and honestly the reunion was just too much for their little hearts to handle.

And then there was the perfect fan tweet which consisted of the reunion photo next to a picture of a girl laying on the ground in the pouring rain because there aren’t enough words in the world to describe how they felt the very moment they saw that picture. Like, SAME!

Should we rush home to watch the 2018 edition of the Disney Channel Games now or later?