8 Disney Channel Co-Star Pairs That Actually Didn’t Get Along in Real Life

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When you spend your entire childhood watching Disney Channel characters be the best of friends on TV, it’s kind of hard to believe that those co-stars actually hated each other’s guts in real life. The awesome on-screen chemistry between some of our favorite pairs, like Hannah Montana and Lilly Truscott on Hannah Montana or Sharpay and Ryan Evans in High School Musical, usually seems so genuine and we can’t help but think that they’re one big happy family off-screen. But, unfortunately, that’s just not the case. It turns out that people can’t always get along all the time, and that seriously sucks.

We don’t know about you, but finding out that on-screen Disney friendships were never actually real was kind of like realizing for the first time that Santa Claus is imaginary. It’s so easy to forget that TV relationships are fictional, and it’s even easier to assume that everything is fine and dandy when the cameras stop rolling. But the reality is, even though co-stars might seem friendly on television, it doesn’t always mean that they’re super close IRL. In fact, they just might be the complete opposite. Check out these eight pairs of Disney Channel co-stars that actually didn’t get along behind the scenes: