6 Pairs of Disney Co-Stars Who Seemed Like Best Friends Until Their Show Ended

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Most people think that all Disney Channel stars are automatically best friends from the moment they step foot on the set of one of those coveted television shows, but that certainly isn’t the case. As a matter of fact, it’s not the case for most people! Not everyone can get along and, sometimes, actors and actresses are even forced to work with people they despise. But that’s why they’re getting paid for doing what they do — they can fake it for the cameras even though they can’t stand each other off screen.

The following is a list of Disney co-stars who were reaaaaalllly good at faking it as best friends on their TV series, but dropped the act once filming was finally over. Some of them you wouldn’t expect, and others we could’ve predicted — not everyone is THAT talented. Read on to see which DC actors pretended to be besties, but were actually enemies — LIFE RUINED!!!