Dating Advice From Your Favorite Disney Channel Characters

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We all know dating is tough. First we have to find someone we like, then they have to like us back, then they have to ask for our number, and that's all before you even go on a first date! It's so complicated! Doesn't the thought of that process just stress you out? Well, it stresses us out so we wanted to get some great love advice to help us with our struggles.
Luckily, some of our favorite Disney Channel characters have had a lot of dating experience and that's why we turned to them for guidance. From Hannah Montana and Alex Russo to Sunny Monroe and the cast of High School Musical, they've all been through relationship drama. They've been through ups and downs, breakups and makeups. We knew they could offer us some words of wisdom when it comes to relationships, so we rounded up some of their best tips. Check out the list of dating tips we picked up from our favorite Disney Channel stars and let us know if they help you!

So, you're not feeling so great about relationships right now.


BUT, if you see someone you think is cute you should talk to them.

Austin Ally

After you've been dating for awhile, you should tell them how you feel!


If they start questioning the relationship, remind them you care.


When you make a mistake, own up to it.


If you see them with someone else, call them out!


Tell them you need space and lay down the law.


When things get complicated, take advice from your parents.


When things aren't going well don't forget to love yourself and know that you're important.


Plus, always remember…

High School Musical

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