13 Horrible Life Lessons You Missed in Brave

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Brave is not your typical princess film that Disney usually produces, which makes it one of the coolest Disney and Pixar films ever. Although it features a badass heroine and adorable red-headed triplets, it’s not without its faults. There are some totally twisted life lessons you might have missed while you watched it the first time. Like Tangled’s bad lessons, Brave is full of terrible life choices that you should avoid in real life.

Merida tells her family to eat cake from a witch, which is strike one. Other bad lessons include having to get married when you’re not in love and befriending a bear. Come on Merida, you should know better than to hang out with bears! See what other bad lessons you might have learned below.

1. Being strong is for boys. This is just not true. If anything Brave shows us that men can be really weak and petty, which is the opposite of strong. Plus, we all know that girls can be total badasses if they want to be, duh.

2. Running away might solve your problems. This is NEVER a good idea. Running away causes your family to worry and usually ends up with you making even worse mistakes.

3. Being the oldest sucks. Being the oldest rocks! Come on, you get to do everything first and you’re siblings look up to you and trust you. It’s super cool.

4. You should become friends with bears. Okay, so technically the bear is Merida’s mom, so she knows her, but befriending any bear is not a smart move. It’s a bear… a dangerous and terrifying animal!

5. Being a lady means you can’t have fun. This isn’t accurate in any world. You can definitely be a lady and have a good time, take it from any powerful female lead in movies like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.

6. Getting married is the most important thing ever. In the past this might have been the case, but nowadays you can totally be successful and happy without being married. Getting married should be your choice not your parents. It’s the 21st century after all.

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7. Girls NEVER get along with their mothers. This is the dumbest stereotype ever. Being a girl doesn’t automatically mean you will fight with your mom. That’s insane.

8. Little brothers get away with everything. Wrong! Although the triplets are maniacs and somehow beyond adorable anytime they do something crazy, in the real world they would be is SO much trouble for their antics.

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9. Pretending to be someone that you’re not will bring you happiness. Ya, this isn’t even a little bit close to how the world works. Hiding your true self only brings you heartache and sadness. Be true to yourself and the rest will fall into place… hopefully.

10. Taking food from strangers is smart. Merida gives her loved ones a cake from a witch, which ultimately leads to them becoming bears so, this clearly is a bad life choice. The rule your parents told you about not taking candy from strangers is actually a good rule to follow.

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11. Traditions cannot be broken. Yes traditions are there for a reason but as we all grow and develop sometimes traditions become outdated. Plus, rules (aka traditions) are meant to be broken. Well, sometimes.

12. All men are good at is sports. Oh man, this is SO twisted. Hello, every man has his own unique talents and they are good at more than one thing.

13. Shooting a bow and arrow is easy. Merida is ah-mazing when it comes to archery, but that is not the norm. Shooting a bow and arrow takes a lot of time and talent to master. If we could shoot one it would be epic.

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