All the Austin & Ally Casting Secrets That’ll Shock You Hardcore

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It’s been more than five months since the series finale of Austin & Ally aired on Disney Channel, and NGL, we still get a bit emosh if we think about it for too long. But even though Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Raini Rodriguez and crew are no longer weekly fixtures on the network, they’ll forever remain some of the greatest DC stars of all time. But things weren’t always that way…

In fact, both Laura and Ross had to go through pretty intense audition processes to land the lead roles on A&A and had some serious completion before they booked their gigs. Obviously everything worked out in the end, but let’s just say the television series was almost MUCH different than the one we’ve all come to know and love.

1. Laura Marano was almost cut from playing Ally Dawson — While we can’t picture anyone other than the 20-year-old playing the female lead on A&A, Disney execs didn’t always share the same sentiment. “The casting director did not think I was right for the part,” the young actress told NKD magazine. “They said I was too outgoing and Ally is supposed to be shy and timid.” Eventually, Laura was able to prove she deserved the part because “definitely related to her” in other ways, and the rest is history.

2. And speaking of Ally, she was supposed to have a brotherAustin & Ally creator Heath Seifert revealed that they were originally planning to look for a young male to play the part of Ally’s sibling, but they decided to switch things up and make that character be Dez (played by Calum Worthy). “There was almost a brother character for Ally,” she shared. “In one draft of the pilot, she had a brother.”

3. Ross Lynch wasn’t the only actor considered for Austin Moon — According to IMDB, Noah Schnacky was one of the young stars who also auditioned for the lead Disney role. While the 19-year-old didn’t get the part, he was previously part of the Disney family as a DJ on Radio Disney when he was just 10 years old.


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