20 NSFW Tweets Fans Sent Katy Perry That’ll Make You Gasp

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Believe it or not, “I Kissed a Girl” was released just short of a decade ago. That means Katy Perry has been dishing out singles for almost ten years! Whether you’ve been blasting KP’s newest tune, “Hey Hey Hey”, all month long, or much prefer her old songs from her jet-black bangs days, you’ve got to respect the 33-year-old’s staying power.

From her feud with Taylor Swift to her dinner date with The Weeknd, the songstress is constantly in the news — and often for more than just her music. And the same goes for her fan interactions on social media. Her 108 million followers don’t just voice their appreciation for her latest music videos online. Instead, they usually take to Twitter to express their interest in some other things…

Her songs may be full of sexual innuendos — ever listen to “Bon Appetit?” — so maybe she should start scrolling through her Twitter feed for more inspo. Her fans send her some pretty disgusting messages, after all. See for yourself!

1. Too bad.

2. Thanks, but no thanks.

3. BRB, vomiting.

4. Can’t un-see this.

5. TMI times a million.

6. Well then…

7. In what world?

8. How about no?

9. EW.

10. How sweet of you to share.

11. LMAO.

12. Never gonna happen.

13. Please just delete your Twitter account.

14. Um…

15. Cool story, bro.

16. Uh, yeah.

17. As if you’d ever have the choice.

18. Wow, tysm.