12 Disney Movies That Could Easily Double As Lifetime Movies

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Tumblr (happilyeverafterwiththem)

Tumblr (happilyeverafterwiththem)

You know how you watch your favorite Disney movies sometimes as an adult and you start to notice that certain things you loved as a kid are corny or nonsensical or really, really creepy? Don’t get me wrong, I still love them, and I look up way too many a cappella mash-ups of the songs on YouTube. But watching them with a little more life experience under your belt is a weird thing.

The same can be said for watching them with some Lifetime movie viewing experience under your belt. Turns out a lot of those seemingly innocent plots bear a striking resemblance to the cheesy Saturday night fare Lifetime airs each week. We’ve already talked about what classic novels could double as Lifetime movies, so now it’s time to look at Disney’s output. They’re a lot more sinister/suspenseful/dangerous than you might remember.

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