The Dumb AF Reason Why Directioners Are Mad At Fifth Harmony

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Fifth Harmony has been proving themselves now more than ever with the recent release of their second studio album, 7/27. The album is definitely more mature and shows the groups’ growth as a band and as young women. With “Work From Home” being a massive success that gave the girls more street cred, we’ve been anxiously awaiting their next single.

The wait is officially over because this morning we were #blessed with a new single AND music video for “All In My Head (Flex)” feat. Fetty Wap. While every Harmonizer was celebrating, there was another fandom who wasn’t so happy about the new release. Everyone is using the #AIMHVideo hashtag to promote the song, but Directioners are getting especially upset.

While Harmonizers saw it as a chance to spread the word about the video, Directioners thought it had something to do with the most well-known Tweet that has the same acronym. The Tweet in question was one that Louis Tomlinson sent to Harry Styles back in 2011 that sent Larry shippers into a craze.

After clicking on the hashtag to see that it was about a Fifth Harmony music video and not about two of their favorite boyband members, Directioners were quick to express their disappointment.

Some even went so far to say that Fifth Harmony shouldn’t have even used the same letters out of respect.

This Twitter feud has left everyone else wondering why they’re bickering in the first place. Fandoms are about supporting your favorites, not bringing others down. While these two groups are trying to fix their issues, we’ll be watching the new music video on repeat.

This isn’t the first time the Fifth Harmony has been at the center of negative attention. Here are some of the biggest disses that have been thrown at the girls: