5H Girl Accused of Homophobia After Posting Problematic Snapchat

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Nooo, girl, noooooo. Fifth Harmony should be celebrating the success of the girl group’s “That’s My Girl” music video, which hit the web about 24 hours ago. (Honestly, it’s one of the most lit MVs we’ve ever seen!!!) And, actually, that’s probably what the fivesome is doing rn. Instead, though, what at least one of ’em should be doing is damage control, ’cause there are more than a few members of the public that are fuming over Dinah Jane Hansen‘s recent words.

In one of the 19-year-old Polynesian beauty’s recent Snapchats, she posted a video in which she uses the word ‘gay’ as an insult. She says, “He thinks he’s so cute, [but he’s] so gay.” Watch here:

Naturally, Twitter was ablaze with heated responses:

Others on the platform claim DJ’s not homophobic. Ignorant, yes, but homophobic, no:

What do you think of the remark?
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