DigiFest 2013: A Fan’s Experience

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Twitter (@TheDigiTour)

Twitter (@TheDigiTour)

Jacqueline G. was the Teen reader lucky enough to score those DigiFest NYC VIP tickets we talked about — ya know, where our hosts Joey Graceffa, Kian Lawley and Jennxpenn attended! — so she shared her exciting story with us.

This Saturday, I attended DigiFest NYC 2013! I absolutely loved it! When we first got there, my friends, Amanda and Liz, and I walked up to the VIP Access Lounge and waited up there to be let into the room where the stage was. When we were walking up the stairs, we were standing next to Jackson Harris, JC Caylen, Sam Pottorff and I believe Kian Lawley — but we did not realize it was them until they walked down the stairs!

As soon as we were let into the stage “room,” it was go time. We searched every corner of every floor to find our favorite YouTubers — Joey Graceffa, JC Caylen, Kian Lawley, Andrea Russett, Jennxpenn, Caspar Lee and Sam Pepper — but they weren’t anywhere we looked… or they were just surrounded by many teenagers.

Around 7:30pm, Joey Graceffa came up to the VIP Lounge and I was so excited; he is my favorite YouTuber! We waited in line to meet him, and when I met him, we talked for a little bit and took a picture together. He was the sweetest person I have ever met. I don’t remember a lot of our conversation because I was just so excited to meet him. After meeting Joey, all the other YouTubers we wanted to meet came up and it was so overwhelming because we didn’t know who to see first! My friends really wanted to meet JC, so we met him and they took a picture with him. We didn’t have enough time to meet everyone, I remember the security guards took Kian, Sam, and Andrea Russett downstairs; I don’t know why. Everyone’s performance on-stage were so amazing!

Overall, it was an AMAZING experience and so much fun! Seeing all these YouTubers with such great talent have so many fans and supporters really inspired me to start my own YouTube channel sometime in the near future. Stay tuned!

Check out some of the cool snapshots Jacqueline and her friends took at the event — we spy thecomputernerd01, JC Caylen and, of course, Joey G!

Jacqueline G.

Jacqueline G.

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