10 Types of F***boys You’ll Experience in Your Lifetime

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This post is about a word that I cannot say on this website (for decency and modesty reasons, which we are, of course, famous for). It is one that you know, however, and one that I can also imply (and have implied, right in the title), through a series of consonants, one vowel, and a few choice asterisks.

You get it? You get it. (It’s “f**kboy.”) In case you aren’t familiar, this is the all-encompassing term for an unfortunate affliction that strikes most, if not all, guys from the ages of around 16 to 25 (or, quite possibly, eternity — nobody seems to know for sure) that renders them incapable of forming human relationships with anyone who is not a male of the same variety, as well as becoming living symbols of all that is terrible and wrong in the free world today — Supreme t-shirts, being glued to their cell phones (which are almost always dying, due to a crippling Tinder dependency), ignoring a text only to respond months later to say, simply, “WYD?”

In fact, this malaise is so common that there are about ten million articles on the web that describe not only how to spot a f**kboy, but also how to tell exactly what kind of f**kboy one is dealing with. I always laugh when I read this particular type because they all either seem to be describing different facets of one individual guy, or literally every type of guy in the world, which just confirms, really, a cliche that we all know to be true — to know one f**kboy is to know them all.

Still, I, too, found it necessary to make a f**kboy type identifier. A girl will encounter so many over the course of her life, after all, whether romantically or not — so, check out the different types of f**boys you are bound to encounter at one point or another:

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