What Our Fave TV Shows Should Really Be Titled…

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We are huge fans of the blog Better Book Titles and think we can easily apply the same humor to some of our fave TV shows. We know that there are writers hard at work coming up with the perf titles to draw in people like us to watch their shows. But sometimes, there are just better names that capture a TV show’s true nature. Here are our stabs at a few:

Official Title: Pretty Little Liars
Better Title: Bullying is Easy When You Hide Your Identity
We all know the identity of at least one person who’s A in PLL. All the backstabbing and lying from the first two seasons showed us that bullies are cowards. It’s just too bad that texting made it way easier for A to carry out all that torture. Just like in real life, people find it easy to torture others when their own identity is hidden.

ABC Family

Official Title: Gossip Girl
Better Title: People Really Live Like This?
For those of you that have never visited, New York City is kinda unlike anyplace else. Dogs have their own walkers, you can get Chinese food delivered anytime you want and it always looks like daytime in Times Square. It’s cray cray. But even we find ourselves scratching our heads when we look at the lavish lifestyles that all the socialites on GGlive. We have our own problems, but they aren’t even close to worrying about our not-cousin wearing our custom couture designer gown without permission. #richgirlproblems

The CW

Official Title: New Girl
Better Title: Schmidt is Ridic
We’ve chronicled our love of Schmidt on Teen.com before, but there’s no hurt in emphasizing just how looney he acts sometimes. Honestly though, he balances Jess’s weirdness out in the apartment and makes her adorkable character pretty normal. (Hello, did you see that cleaning episode when the apartment fell into mayhem because he traded in his OCD ways for a bongo drum?)


Original Title: The Vampire Diaries
Better Title: Every Kind of Supernatural Being Lives in or has Visited this Teeny Tiny Town
We get that you just can’t concentrate on vamps all the time. Other shows with supernatural creatures, like True Blood, Teen Wolf and even Buffy the Vampire Slayerback in the day included all kinds of other supes for the main ones to butt heads and fight with. But seriously, this tiny little town?

The CW

Original Title: The Voice
Better Title: We <3 Adam Levine
We love our reality TV, but we’ve never been much for the competition shows. However, we make an exception for The Voice because Adam Levine is H-O-T hot. The Maroon 5 frontman was obvi on our radar for a long time before the singing competition (and Cee Lo’s cat) went on the air. But we love watching him and Blake Sheltonbro it up in front of millions.


What do you think of our new titles? Can you think of any others?

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