11 Biggest Differences Between the Secret Circle Books and TV Show

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We’ve seen a lot of our favorite YA books turn into TV shows, like Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries. In the case of The CW’s The Secret Circle, which was canceled WAY before its time and ended with such awful cliffhangers, it can be really helpful to have six books to look at to try and answer any open questions.

While it’s always exciting to see your favorite book characters come to life on the small screen, it can also be a little frustrating to see what changes the TV show writers and directors make to the story you’ve already fallen in love with. Then again, the additions that the TV show makes can be the absolute greatest (like, did you know that Jeremy, played by Steven R. McQueen, isn’t even in the Vampire Diaries books and, instead, Elena has an older sister named Margaret?). At times, you can’t even imagine how the books existed without those alternatives.

When The Secret Circle became a TV show, starring Britt Robertson and Shelley Hennig, created by Kevin Williamson (the creator of TVD and Dawson’s Creek), he warned lovers of the book that the television drama would be a bit different. “It’s a great story… It’s a wonderful world, which I hope I could add to it, spin it around and let go.” Kevin definitely followed through on his promise. Check out the gallery below to see 11 ways that the television-series version of The Secret Circle is greatly different from the books: