The 12 Differences Between a BFF and a Regular Friend

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Having a best friend really isn’t something that anyone should take for granted. You may not only get one in life, but each one that you do get should be cherished. After all, there’s just some stuff that you can do with a BFF that won’t fly with a regular friend.

If you’ve got a great bestie, then you know that to be true. So you should just get ready now to nod ferociously at these 12 differences between how you are with a regular friend and how you are with you best friend:

1. You “like” a friend’s selfies on social media. You pre-approve your best friend’s selfies, especially when they’re experiencing filter anxiety and can’t choose their favorite.

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2. You hesitate before saying strange things to a friend. There are no holds barred when talking with your best friend, because they already know the kind of weirdo they’re dealing with.

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3. You politely turn down food offers at a friend’s house. At your best friend’s house, you casually reach into the fridge to get the ingredients for that meal that you’re also causally cooking in their kitchen.

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4. You try not to leave your stuff at a friend’s house. It’s likely that you have a toothbrush and several outfit options waiting for you at your BFF’s place.

5. You text a friend when you have something important to tell them. You text your best friend when you have important farts to tell them about, and then proceed to text them random stuff throughout the day.

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6. You respectfully call a friend’s parents Mr. or Mrs. So-and-So. You call your best friend’s parents “Mom” or “Dad,” because it feels like they’re your second set of parents anyway.

7. You avoid annoying a friend. You know that thing that you’re about to do is going to get on your BFFs nerves, but you don’t care and you know that they don’t really care much either.

8. You share secrets with a friend. There are actually no secrets between yourself and your bestie.

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9. You congratulate a friend on a big accomplishment. However, you beam with pride when your best friend does something awesome that they’re proud of.

10. You laugh at a friend’s jokes. But you snort at your BFF’s jokes. And don’t even get us started on inside jokes, which are infinitely funnier because no one except you two understand the humor in it.

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11. You help a friend out when they ask you for a favor. You offer to give your best friend a hand and don’t mind doing so in the slightest.

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12. You care about a friend. But you love your BFF like a sibling.

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