PLL’s Diego Boneta on Mean Girls 2, His “Type,” and Being on Glee! (Exclusive)

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The fans have spoken and Diego Boneta, who plays Alex on Pretty Little Liars, has been named the hottest guy of PLL. And now, Diego has also spoken (to us, natch) on what it’s like to take Teen.com’s top honor and live up to his role as a heartthrob!

Read on for our exclusive interview and watch Diego’s special message to his Teen.com fans!

Teen.com: So congrats on Mean Girls 2! Were you a fan of the original?
Diego: Yeah, big fan! I saw it many times before I even auditioned for Mean Girls 2. I was in love with Lindsay Lohan when that movie came out, and Rachel McAdams… and the other girls in the movie. I think it’s a classic.

Teen.com: We totally agree. What’s your favorite scene from the original?
Diego: I think that the Halloween scene where she goes all out and everybody freaks out about it. And of course I love the dance for Jingle Bell Rock (laughs).

Teen.com: Your character, Tyler, is an athlete. Are you at all athletic?
Diego: I love soccer and I was born in Mexico, so soccer down there is like a religion. I had an amazing time playing soccer, and I relate to Tyler in the sense that if I want something, I go for it. He’s very, very direct in that way and so am I.

Teen.com: We did a poll on the hottest guys of Pretty Little Liars you were voted as the hottest! How does that make you feel?
Diego: That’s awesome! I had no idea about that. I’m very happy that people like Alex. He’s a great guy and I hope that you all continue to cheer for him.

Teen.com: Is it weird to be considered a heartthrob?
Diego: Yeah, a little bit. It’s a bit weird, but at the same time I really appreciate all the votes and I love the fact that they all like Alex. I feel, most of all, extremely thankful.

Teen.com: Speaking of PLL, last we saw of Alex he broke up with Spencer! What’s up next for the two of them? Will it always be an on-off relationship?
Diego: I do not know. I would love to know, trust me. We’ll see if they get through it, or if Spencer tells Alex what “A” did and if Alex understands Spencer. It’s definitely a passionate relationship. I guess that’s just who Alex is and that’s the chemistry Spencer and Alex create when they’re together.

Teen.com: Would you ever date the Spencer-type girl in real life?
Diego:Yeah, absolutely. Spencer’s a very intelligent, determined girl and I like that about girls in general.

Teen.com: What kind of girls do you typically go for? We’re dying to know!
Diego: I like girls who know what they want to be and have a passion in life, whether it’s a sport or baking, ya know, I don’t care what it is. I find that very, very attractive. Genuine, authentic girls who I can have fun with who are not afraid of making a fool out of themselves every once and a while.

Teen.com: What about physically? Blondes, brunettes…
Diego: I’m just attracted to girls, period, although I’d have to say that eyes, light brown eyes… It’s one of my weaknesses.

Teen.com: Any celeb crushes?
Diego: Yes! Katy Perry. We actually met when we were both nominated for the MTV Latin Awards back in 2008. She was nominated for Best New Artist and I was nominated for Best Solo Artist. And we met and she was really, really authentic. She was not like any girl I’d ever met and to this day I’m a big fan of her music and I’ll admit that I have a celebrity crush on her.

Teen.com: Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, what’s been the most romantic date you’ve ever taken a girl on?
Diego: Well, U2 was playing at the Aztec Stadium in Mexico City, which is one of the biggest stadiums in the world. I blind-folded my girlfriend at the time through the whole drive so she had no idea where she was going. We got there and it was a big surprise for her because she loved U2 , and I’m a big U2 fan as well. We had great box seats and then afterward I cooked for the first time in my life. I did this pasta in my house and I’m a pretty romantic guy so I put, like, a trail of rose petals leading up to where we were going to have dinner. The funniest thing was that my little sister was playing the host of the restaurant and my little brother was the waiter. So that was pretty nice.

Teen.com: That’s adorable! Any plans for a new album, since you’re also a musician?
Diego: Well, I had a song that aired on 90210 and Pretty Little Liars. That was the song Spencer and I were dancing to in that dirty dancing kitchen scene. There’s a Spanish version to that as well and that’s just a little something for the fans. Meanwhile, I finished my third album, which I’m currently working on now which hopefully will be released this year in Latin America.

Teen.com: Would you love to sing on Glee? Are you a gleek?
Diego: It’s funny that you’d ask me that. I was actually thinking about that yesterday. First of all I love their version of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” but if I were to do my own version it would be “Angels” by Robbie Williams.