Wow, This Glee Girl’s Been Engaged for Weeks & You Had No Idea

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The Glee cast has faced its share of scandals over the years. In the past month alone, one of its members was allegedly caught possessing more than 1,000 images of child pornography! But, know who’s not part of the top scandalous moments? Dianna Agron. That’s right, the 29-year-old actress, who portrayed Quinn Fabray — you know, the popular cheerleader who cheated on her boyfriend with his best friend resulting in a teen pregnancy — on the once-successful series, has a fairly clean slate IRL. Like, has she even done anything? Not a lot may come to mind, but we can let you know of one small, non-scandalous thing: she got herself engaged!

While you’ve been paying attention to Lea Michele‘s nearly-two-year relationship with former gigolo Matthew Paetz, Dianna not only found herself a boyfriend after reportedly hooking up with Nicholas Hoult in April of last year, but a man she can see spending the rest of her life with; it’s Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons.



The Glee alum and 27-year-old singer were confirmed to have started dating in July 2015 and got engaged over the holidays. That means they’ve been engaged for weeks without the public knowing the wiser. That also means that he popped the question after only 5 months of dating. Like, she was with Alex Pettyfer for longer than that! And we all know how that turned out… But, hey, when you know, you know. Congrats to the happy couple!

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