Say What?! Dianna Agron is Awkward. She Swears.

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Dianna Agron is one of the most gorgeous girls on TV these days, but even the rich and famous have their downsides. Trust us, girls. Dianna opened up to Sugar mag–she’s gracing this month’s patriotic cover–revealing her very own not-so-sophisticated tendencies.

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And no, it’s not that she likes to spend all her free time in a cheerleading uniform. Read on to find out her embarrassing bad habits!

Dianna told the mag:

“I’m a big, big nerd. And I always have been. So I’ll be at these Hollywood award ceremonies, standing next to someone really famous, like Meryl Streep, and I’ll just be thinking to myself, ‘How is this happening? This is insane!’ I mean, I snort when I laugh. I’m not the sort of super-cool sophisticated person who should go to those things.”

Ha! Do you really believe that Dianna isn’t “sophisticated?” What’s your most embarrassing quirk? Share your thoughts!