Dianna Agron Tweets About Her ‘Glee’ Return!

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Gleeks everywhere can enjoy a nice sigh of relief because Quinn is coming back to McKinley! Dianna Agron, who plays the popular cheerleader who has experience her fair share of drama, revealed to fans via Twitter that her character will indeed be returning to the hit FOX show.

On Friday morning, Dianna tweeted:

It’s been a bit of a mystery as to when Quinn would return (she wasn’t featured in promotional material for the current season) but Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, assured fans a while back that she would indeed be on the show’s fourth season.


The last time we saw Quinn, she had regained her walking abilities, and was off to study at Yale.  Though we’re not exactly sure what the circumstances of her return are, or how long she’ll be around, we’re sure fans will be glad to have her back.

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