Get Pretty for Prom with Dianna Agron’s Gorgeous Updo

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Once we were able to stop staring at Alex Pettyfer at last night’s premiere of I Am Number Four, we became fixated on Dianna Agron‘s fabulous, flawless updo. Usually schmancy hairstyles look like something out of an ’80s wedding, but this one was Prom perfect.

Wanna snag it for prom? We’ll show you how.

All you need are a few big hot rollers and a whole lotta hairpins.

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Tease your hair at the crown, toss it up in a loose ponytail, then take bits of the ponytail and pull them around the elastic. It’s really that easy! Spritz with an aerosol hairspray and voila! A Dianna Agron-inspired insta-bombshell ‘do.