Guess the Celeb! Hint: She May Feel “Pretty/Unpretty” During This Flaunt Photoshoot (Pics)

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This star may resemble Lady Gaga upon first glance, but we promise it’s not Mother Monster. In a recent photoshoot for Flaunt magazine, this normally girly-girl proves that it’s anything but a man’s man’s man’s world.

Click on to reveal more pics and the true identity of the celeb! We’ll give you …number 4 guesses…

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It’s Dianna Agron! And we must say, the Glee star’s never looked so fierce! But despite her new look, she’s still Quinn Fabray at heart. She tells the mag:

“I’m the happiest that I’ve ever been. Ever. High school, middle school—I’ve loved every part of getting older and growing, but I definitely think that this is the most I’ve ever felt like myself and that I’m being treated like who I feel I am.”